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Love is kindness campaign was one of Tufinplug first major outreach, with multiple donors and over 20+ volunteers. The tufinplug foundation visited, iwaya community, Bethesda home of the blind, Cheshire home for disabled, Modupe Cole, Red Cross motherless home and Ondo Yaba.  Giving both food items, cash and materials to those in need. The love is kindness campaign was welcomed with open hands and helped many people who are still beneficiaries of the foundation till date. This campaign have catered for over 2000+ people and still on going. We aim to help more, please DONATE to show love through kindness.

The 5000 lunch box was a campaign to feed school children from Age 1-6 and also give them Lunch boxes. Also help the parents that can not afford it money to get food for their children. Tufinplug foundation believes that kids should not go hungry and have so far being able to give 300+ children across Nigeria lunch box and have add both individuals including Indomie donate lunch boxes for kids across the country. We aim to do and your Donation would go a long way. Please DONATE to keep this tide going.

Kinds Lunch Bag Outreach

Old Home Iwaya Outreach

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